Fitness Bootcamp NYC

If you are looking for a fitness bootcamp NYC has plenty to choose from. New Yorkers are just as keen as the rest of the country to beat the current obesity epidemic. While not everyone is going to enjoy jogging around the mean streets of the city, going to a group fitness session can be a great laugh as well as providing you with the skills needed to tone up and get fit.

The benefit with attending scheduled classes is the fact that you have more motivation to go. Most people get slightly competitive when surrounded with others with similar goals so you may just find that wanting to lose more pounds than your classmates is enough of a motivating factor to get you outside on a wet or windy evening.

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If you have recently moved to NYC and have had difficulty making friends, then attending a group fitness workout session every week is a great way to start. Friendships develop based on shared interests. Everyone attending the fitness bootcamp NYC will have similar goals being to tone up and lose excess pounds. They will want to improve their overall fitness levels as well as their stamina. The studies show that if you exercise on a regular basis you are less likely to fall victim to colds and flu that are so common especially in the winter months.

What should you expect from your fitness bootcamp NYC?

Some fitness bootcamps are aimed solely as women so if you are shy and don’t like the idea of exercising with men, you might like these classes. Some will offer only outdoor fitness programs so you have to be prepared to work out in all types of weather. As we all know New York city can get very cold in the midst of winter so you need to be brave and perhaps a little mad to attend an outdoor weight loss camp in the winter months.

Some workout camps are more geared to one form of exercise such as those that specialize in kettle bell workouts and those that use military style exercises programs. Katie Holmes and the Kardashian girls have been associated with fitness bootcamps that are based on dance club moves.

What is a fitness fight camp?

Fitness NYC The current trend in NYC is fitness fight camps which are loosely based on traditional fitness bootcamp combined with a martial arts theme such as kick boxing or Muay Thai. You have to be especially careful when choosing this type of fitness bootcamp as you can easily sustain injury to your joints.

You need to alert your instructor if you have a history of joint problems. For example those with old cartilage injuries in their knees would probably find kickboxing too intensive and painful. The better instructors will assess you before you start the classes and every class will start with at least ten minutes of warm up sessions.

Avoid any classes that suggest you use dumbbells or similar equipment to help increase the amount of calories you burn. It might but it will certainly increase your risk of injury. With the average injury rate already in double figures you don’t want to do anything to make that higher. It is a good idea to look for a class that keeps the kicks per minute to under 140.

For those who are aerobically fit and fed up doing sit ups and squats but want to stay in shape,these classes offer a welcome change. You will not only tone up but will improve your balance, stamina and reduce stress which is something that most New Yorkers suffer from! There is also the fact that a lot of New Yorkers want to take personal defense classes and starting with a martial arts themed fitness class is a good introduction.

So how do you pick a fitness bootcamp NYC?

When you don’t know anyone you may feel you cannot ask for personal recommendations but it could be a great way of breaking the ice at work. Most people are OK with people asking for help and advice so long as you are polite. It might not be politically correct to ask your fattest co-worker if she knows of any well run fitness bootcamps. Tact goes a long way in these types of conversations!

With such wide variety of programs available in New York City, you should have no problem finding a fitness bootcamp NYC to suit your needs. It helps to start with one that most appeals to you. For example if you always wanted to try martial arts you could go for a fitness fightcamp. Pick a camp relatively near to your home or work so that you cant make any excuses for not going.

Be realistic too. If you haven’t exercised in years, you don’t want to start with a fight camp. Yes you need to set tough goals but they also need to be realistic or you will be beaten before you start. If it has taken years to build up the weight and lower the fitness levels, you cannot expect miracles inside of four weeks.

Regardless of the type of program you choose, your training should incorporate not only fitness instruction but motivational and nutritional information too. Attending a fitness bootcamp NYC class should be fun or you will not want to go even if it is for only four weeks.