Lifetime Fitness

As everyone knows America has a huge problem with the obesity epidemic that is sweeping our nation. A lifetime fitness bootcamp is appealing to more American people, but it is not just the USA that is affected. Most of the western world has a similar problem and are finding it just as difficult to deal with it as we are.

Lifetime Fitness

How can a Lifetime fitness bootcamp help?

It used to be the case that obesity was a sign of wealth as you had the money to buy lots of food. Now, it is more likely to be a sign of poverty. Cheap food is often of lower quality than more expensive produce. It is not unusual for food manufacturers to add fats, salt and sugar to everything in order to make the product last longer as well as taste better. If you check the ingredients of a meat pie you will find sugar listed on the contents of the cheaper varieties. Since when did people put sugar into a pie that wasn’t destined to be a desert?

In the old days people could survive on a fairly basic diet. They may only have had bread to eat for certain meals but at least it was made from high quality corn or wheat that wasn’t drowned in preservatives. Now our bread manufacturing process means that most of the nutrients are destroyed long before the bread reaches the table. Instead we get a product that has been bleached and then has sugar and manufactured vitamins added to it. One of the reasons why white bread goes moldy so quickly is the high water content.

What effect does bad quality food have on our kids?

The effects of poor quality food on children can be seen not only in the increasing problem with obesity but also with the numbers of school children now being prescribed Ritalin and other medications. These medications are aimed at improving behavior but often a change in diet can be just if not more effective. Obviously there are some children who suffer from ADD or ADHD who may need behavior modifying drugs but the numbers currently taking these medications are far too high.

It is too easy to put a child on a drug rather than take the time to analyze their diet and see if the problem lies with high sugar levels or too many additives. Nobody seems to address the fact that kids also need to burn off their excess energy in physical activity. This doesn’t happen as the majority sit for hours playing computer games or watching TV.

It is too simple to blame the parents. There is a whole marketing industry aimed at promoting products to children and making junk food look attractive. The power of TV advertising cannot be underestimated and as any parent knows, a trip to the store is also problematic. If you take yogurt for example. How many of the pots with children’s toy characters on the label clearly marketing their products at children have sugar listed as the first ingredient?

Yoghurt used to be made from just milk! Just because certain fast food chains take to serving portions of cut fruit doesn’t make their main menu offerings any healthier. A diet high in deep fried foods leads to blocked arteries, blood pressure problems, heart disease,diabetes as well as the more obvious weight issues. Obviously once in a while you can take your kids to a fast food restaurant but when it is every weekend that is a different story.

Should you put your overweight child on a diet?

Unless your doctor recommends a diet, you probably shouldn’t start one at least not obviously anyway. Also a lot of so called diet foods are full of sugar and additives which is not a good combination for anyone but particularly children. If you introduce your child to a weighing scales you could start an unhealthy obsession. Also it is extremely difficult to measure your child’s weight gain or loss as they experience growth spurts as they are growing up.

Making subtle changes to their lifestyle will work much better. If you have got into the habit of using convenience food, try to cook at least a couple of meals at home from scratch. It is not that difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Often we buy ready meals thinking we are saving money but we end up spending more and that doesn’t include the inevitable medical bills having obese family members will create.

Fruit and vegetables can make up most of a child’s diet provided they get sufficient amounts of carbs, protein and diary produce. They need good quality protein but only a small amount of it. Oily fish such as sardines are excellent sources of Omega 3 and 6 – the good fats yet are not too expensive. Cutting the hidden calories such as those that are in ready meals or in diet sodas will help.

In addition to addressing what they eat you also need to look at when they eat. Most children would benefit from eating five to six small healthy meals a day rather than the traditional three. Breakfast is extremely important and porridge is a lot less expensive than sugar coated cereals. If possible try to sit down as family to eat at least one meal per day. Get your kids out of the habit of eating in front of the TV. Not only do family mealtimes improve social skills but they also give people the chance to concentrate on enjoying their food and taking time to chew it properly.

Gradually reduce the size of the portions everyone eats. It is estimated we eat more than a third more than they did after the second world war yet we do a lot less physical activity. When done gradually your family won’t be any the wiser and traditional home cooking tends to be more filling than convenience foods so you would eat less anyway.

In addition to planning their meals better they also need more physical activity which is one area a lifetime fitness bootcamp can really help.. It can be difficult to arrange this especially if you live in the center of big city or are a working parent but it is vital for your child’s well being. A fitness bootcamp can help as not only will it introduce the idea of physical activity being fun but you also get to meet other children and parents in a similar situation. You may be able to team up with some other parents so that you can share the task of taking the children to the park or basketball courts in the evening or at weekends.

So is a lifetime fitness bootcamp the answer?

No of course they aren’t. You cannot expect kids to achieve a high level of fitness if you are not providing their bodies with the fuel they need. Just as an automobile needs gas, our children need a balanced high quality diet that provides them with the vitamins and minerals they need. Attending a fitness bootcamp may be a great idea if it gets them interested in physical activity.

Attending a lifetime fitness bootcamp can help children eat more healthy foods. Fresh air does wonderful things for a child’s appetite as does the example of kids around them. If everyone else is eating broccoli and cauliflower florets, chances are your child will too.

Everyone from the government, schools, food manufacturers and of course parents need to sit up and pay attention. While sending your child to a weight loss program may seem like a great idea, if they are obese they need more than a four week session at a weight loss camp. They and you need to overhaul their diet and lifestyle.

OK so how do I pay for a lifetime fitness bootcamp class?

In this economy more people are having to tighten their financial belts and this can mean that funds aren’t readily available to pay for fitness classes. But remember you are going to save cash by making some home cooked healthy meals and ditching the expensive takeaways, convenience food and ready meals.

Diet sodas and cordials need to be replaced by water which for most of us is free. It is vital for a healthy system and also helps with concentration so school performance could improve. There are solutions to every problem if we take the time to look for them. Many kids charities will sponsor children to attend physical activities if their parents cannot afford to take them and this could include a lifetime fitness bootcamp visit too.